FarmaMondo at Early Access Programmes Conference in London

FarmaMondo is proud to sponsor this unique event, Early Access Programmes Conference, held in London , UK, on 29th – 30 th November 2016. The only event dealing with the planning and execution of Early Access and managed access programmes.

Key Challenges and Topics of debate include:

1. Anticipating Demand and Deciding Whether to Run an EAP: Risk vs benefit,
safety data, resources and stakeholder engagement

2. International Regulation: Navigating the minefield of country-specific regulatory
requirements Learn what you need to know about the complex constantly
shifting regulatory landscape

3. Supply Strategy: Developing an effective planning strategy to forecast and
establish accurate drug supply

4. Ethical Considerations of EAPs: How to tackle ethical issues and ensure
equitable drug supply allocation

5. Full EAP Life Cycle Management: Successfully implementing, monitoring and
closing out an EAP