Zion Medical appoints the FarmaMondo Group to support global named patient access to its novel therapy Gammora™

FarmaMondo and Zion Medical, an Israel startup pharma developer, signed today an agreement to establish a MAP for their novel drug Gammora.
The product is in late stage development phase and is intended to be targeted for HIV patients.


About Gammora and Zion Medical

GAMMORA™ is a late stage development product intended for HIV patients. The known HIV “cocktails” used today are working to suppress the virus and reducing the viral load while GAMMORA™ works by stimulating one of the virus protein, eventually leading to a controlled cell death of only the HIV-infected cells with no harm to healthy ones. This medication is still under clinical investigations.



About FarmaMondo

Farmamondo is a Swiss-headquartered pharmaceutical group focused on providing market access and specialty distribution services, through a unique infrastructure and geographical footprint, targeted to facilitate patient access to medicines across the unlicensed and licensed product phases.

For more information see www.farmamondo.com